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Allpa Peruvian Coffee | Medium Roast | Whole Bean 12oz

Allpa Peruvian Coffee | Medium Roast | Whole Bean 12oz

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A True Hidden Gem.

The quality in Peruvian coffee stands apart. With full flavor, smooth medium body, a center sharpness, with a delicate sweet completion. Specific notes include a smooth nutty and chocolate connotations making Peruvian coffee a truly one of a kind specialty coffee.

Why Peruvian Coffee

We felt that by crafting a Premium Peruvian Coffee we were bringing a product that fully represented our brand. Peru has an extremely rich culture including a diverse gastronomy. We felt that coffee from Peru is very rich but very under-represented to specialty coffee lovers everywhere. We hope that by introducing this wonderfully crafted single origin coffee from Peru you get to see what we stand for.

Sustainably & Ethically Sourced

Here at Allpa Foods we strive to be an earth loving brand so making sure our products are created in a wholesome and sustainable way is one of our highest priorities. Our partners in Peru work hard to provide support to coffee farmers and work with producers year round to ensure they have profitable and sustainable business plans.

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