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Allpa Organic Peruvian Cacao Powder 8oz

Allpa Organic Peruvian Cacao Powder 8oz

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Food of the Gods

The original name given to the cacao tree was Theobroma which translates to Food of Gods in Greek. It is no wonder that cacao is arguably the most sought after super food. Some of the best qualities of cacao include being extremely rich in flavor and high in antioxidants. More specifically our cacao powder is a high source of flavonoid antioxidants and magnesium.

Why Peruvian Cacao

The cacao tree is very particular as to where it grows, and the Amazon rainforest in Peru checks all of the requirements. Peru is the world's ninth largest producer of cacao. Artisan chocolate producers constantly use Peruvian cacao to produce some of the best chocolate in the world.

Sustainably & Ethically Sourced

Here at Allpa Foods we strive to be an earth loving brand so making sure our products are created in a wholesome and sustainable way is one of our highest priorities. Our partners in Peru operate on a fair trade model and seek to create value for everyone connected to the supply chain. Engaging directly with farmers is key in making sure they are treated fairly.

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